Through so many years of experience and knowledge in the field of hospital management,
we effectively facilitate the training for accreditation

MediQapp Digitization Brings Professional to Best Performance
in Healthcare Quality Management and Accreditation

About us EN


Our mission is to provide our experience, knowledge and our full capacity for innovation to provide suitable solutions to the needs of our clients.


The company is open for approaching new fields and markets for the obtained products, takes into account all the potential contributions of suppliers and business partners, promoting collaborative relationships with them.


Business excellence through Professionalism and Continuous improvement. Modelling towards plus value by Receptivity and Innovation Orientation.


The company has offices in Galati and Bucharest but the entire activity is carried out within the clinics / medical offices and the public and / or private hospitals in Romania.


MediQapp received the MEDICAL INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2021 Award for Excellence, being the first and only Romanian Health Quality Management application for the Romanian units, which completely optimizes the management of quality operations in hospitals. Calitakropolis products and the MediQapp software system have ORDA and WIPO, EUIPO, OSIM protection, thus recognizing the elements of innovation that manage quality management, hospital accreditation, in-house training and general and / or clinical risk analysis. Manolache Adriana, Drd. Titu Maiorescu Doctoral School, Company CEO, is a Member of ISQua, Director of the “Quality in Health” Center at the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Romania, founding member of the Association for Quality Management in Romania (AMCS), for 10 years ANMCS Evaluator, ANMCS Recognized Clinical Auditor and internationally recognized quality and environment auditor by IRCA and IEMA.


Calitakropolis is an ISQua Institutional Member from 2019 until now, Partner - Bronze Sponsor at the International Federation of IHF Hospitals, Institutional Partner at 3Novex Global, with national and international reference participation in several fields, mainly in Healthcare Management, E-Learning and Policies on International Accreditation Standards. WIPO and EUIPO accreditations and certificates protect intellectual property rights by recognizing innovation internationally. We have honorably represented Romania in many international events, top events around the world, the scientific research conducted by our team leading to the international promotion of the MediQapp concept in the world.


Dear Adriana, On behalf of the team at ISQua, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome your organisation, Calitakropolis S.R.L., as a new Institutional Member. We are delighted that you have joined, and if the team or I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Dr. Peter Lachman
CEO International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)
I know I have a lot to learn but I want to thank you for your patience and help! I hug you!
Straton Nicoleta
Head Assistant of External Section Chronicles Ianca
Brăila County
We have identified from our documents how we are standing. Thank you for guiding us further! We are waiting for you.
Ec. Buzasu Valentina
Financial Officer Director of the
Clinical Hospital "Dr I Cantacuzino" Bucharest