Integrated software for a functional medical system
The Green Hospital and Climate Change through MediQapp
MediQapp Version 5.0 Digital Solution connects personalized E-Health with E-Learning - Medical Innovation Excellence Award in Romania
MediQapp Digitzation Brings Professional to Best Performance in Healthcare and Accreditation Quality Management

MediQApp is adapted to your needs


Predefined browser integration features with user devices allow flexible access to accounts, data and information.


Increased access to mobility offers the ability to interact better with remote employees, given the growing need for content access and ongoing user involvement.


The transformations using the application and the efforts to eliminate the paper in the operations of a functional digital QMS, create opportunities for the unanimously accepted change in the field.



We get involved together

When purchasing the PREMIUM PACKAGE, the application will be primarily structured personalized, will have the necessary set of procedures for the health unit, will keep a place for a dedicated consultant who will shorten the path from theory to practice. All that is needed is to set goals and make up the team.

After 9 months the unit can enjoy a well-defined strategy that can be easily applied by any employee.

Continuity of processes required by European standards

  • after the application implementation stage is over, the continuity of the processes becomes natural
  • the accreditation requirements are not enforced and enjoy the succession of the stages and activities in post-accreditation
  • after accreditation, the non-conformities found are easily solved and proven to be completed in the simplest way
  • any verification done by ANMCS or other stakeholders enjoys the best results

PRO Package

We create together

After going through the Diagnosis stages and the Basic version in which we learn together what the application does and how, thanks to a well-defined work plan, the team of the unit knows clearly what are the procedural needs they want. Calitakropolis comes and continues the concrete help offered to its customers by making available to them the personalized procedures in digital, only those documents that it lacks.

Documents with a predefined format are then processed within the application and thus become custom procedures of value recognized in the unit by all colleagues.

We put at your disposal means and methods of concentrating resources on the most important aspects that help the team to achieve the results quickly. The application eliminates the barriers of physical meetings, reduces wasted time to reach the meeting place and the costs of this type of joint action, and creates better collaboration between internal teams that can connect for complex tasks from a distance and with great openness to a efficient collaboration.

As long as management ensures that employees have full access to information, they, from their mobile devices, can capture, edit, comment and share the content of a document. The application facilitates the involvement of the employees in the design of the procedures, returning through the tasks solved faster and more meaningful answers. The comments of those involved in the preparation, approval and verification of the procedures bring
valuable content to them. The procedure update process is an ongoing process in which work will be ongoing.

The procedure completed as the structure and content will be automatically taken over by the application
and made available to all users for viewing on access accounts at any time.

BASIC Package

We learn together

When purchasing the BASIC PACKAGE we build with the unit team the customized structure of the hospital within the application, generating users and access levels.
Together we ensure that the application works to the benefit of the team, using less time and human resources invested in developing quality management and accreditation preparation.

This way you will be able to:

  • you gain the trust of the users of the quality management system in the unit
  • you get faster answers
  • you have secured access
  • you get productivity trough collaboration
  • you manage and keep the information in a safe environment and in accordance with the internal regulations and the legislative ones in effect
  • you ensure the continuity of processes
  • you have personalized practice
  • without jeopardizing the security of the unit's information, the extremely busy employees, located in different locations, but from which they are expected to remain permanently connected to the demands of the management, become efficient and satisfied with the possibility offered to them to work at any time and from any device for solving their tasks

The application eliminates the barriers of physical meetings, reduces wasted time to reach the meeting place and the costs of this type of joint action, and creates better collaboration between internal teams that can connect for complex tasks from a distance and with great openness to a efficient collaboration.

After the implementation stage:

  • you will know how to define and manage the preparation process for accreditation within the system developed by us
  • you get to quickly learn the automatic priorities and monitor them
  • you will know how to build value automatically, through the accepted solutions in the team, not just formal records built superficially
  • at the time of ANMCS evaluation, there is eloquent evidence that demonstrates both the fulfillment of the requirements of the accreditation standards and the continuity of these activities


We discover together

Within the Diagnosis, the Hospital Account is personalized with users, departments, commissions and other organizational needs of structuring specific to the health unit.

For the success of the project and the development of the formalization of the integrated management system in the health unit, in compliance with the updated legislative requirements, specific to the medical field and the accreditation, it must firstly go through a diagnosis of the existing quality management.

THE DIAGNOSIS specifies the existing stage, the organizational necessity of procedure and the processes whose implicit continuity responds most effectively to the requirements of the accreditation or control standards and to the need to audit the management systems implemented.
The high volume of legislative changes and revised standards, bring the health care groups in a position to make sustained but possibly inefficient efforts in updating the documentation. Assistance in optimizing the procedure from the diagnostic stage relieves the unit from the possibility of failure and implicitly helps the team to think structured and strategically.

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