Why MediQapp?

The Green Hospital through MediQapp is the catalyst between the availability of data, the quality of information and its usefulness, reducing paper waste and saving users time.

"The high professionalism, seriousness and dedication of Romanian doctors have positioned the Romanian medical school on the world map, and today's generations continue the tradition of excellence, placing Romanian medicine in the collective consciousness as a reference point for Romanian talent, will and potential"

Assoc. Dr. Diana Loreta Păun
Presidential Adviser, Department of Public Health, Romanian Presidential Administration
Ro Health Review, 23.03.2022, Ceremony "The Romanian doctor for Romania", organized by the Romanian College of Physicians

Out of the desire and potential to create an effective hospital system that meets and sums up current needs by prioritizing the future and promoting a friendly environment system, our team developed MediQapp version 5.0 with improved digital performance, which achieves content-rich solutions through the online participation of professionals and the digitized integration of their information.

MediQapp is the exact combination of honor and prestige to make the current friendly environment healthcare system more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Immediate accessibility to constantly updated data, facilitates interoperability between departments and reduces bureaucracy in medical work alongside technical, administrative and logistical work.

MediQapp is the first and only Romanian quality management application for all healthcare units in Romania, which completely optimizes the management of all operations regarding the Quality of Health Services within hospitals.

The IT system has the ability to customize in any hospital in Romania but also in any other hospital in the world, with priority given to the countries where the ISQua accreditation standards are implemented.

In order to digitally sustain the digital system, it is vital that hospitals now adopt long-term strategic plans for digital transformation.

More than ever, doctors need to be connected to each other, safe for everyone involved. Through MediQapp's integrated management tool that integrates Risk Analysis and Quality, physicians are connected online and organizational and/or clinical information flows rapidly and transfers valuable know-how.

The results of the project evaluation exceeded the expectations of those in hospitals, the efficiency through automation significantly diminishing the effort, remaining only between 48÷27%, depending on the hospital.

Calitakropolis, through its over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the field of hospital management, facilitates the preparation for Accreditation.

MediQApp is a product developed as a natural continuous improvement, in line with the current requirements of the health system and European standards.

MediQApp is the first and only Romanian quality health management application for all healthcare units in Romania, which completely optimizes the management of all quality operations within hospitals.
Digitizes all processes in quality management

Faster and more efficient processes are obtained

It can significantly reduce the time required to prepare hospitals for accreditation
You gain confidence, built automatically through the solutions accepted in the team, not just formal, superficially built records
Integrates all operations, completely eliminating wasted time in the old system. It is a system designed to solve problems without additional resources
It reduces the execution times of the tasks by the staff, increasing the productivity of the employees
Through its mobility, the application ensures efficient collaboration at a distance
Decreases to eliminate the risk of fines


MediQApp is a tool for integrating and digitizing health management processes, based on unique functions and innovative technologies. The application simplifies processes, reduces processing times, costs and prepares health units for accreditation.
According to the latest DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) report, Romania is in the last place in the EU in terms of total digitization and also in the last place in the integration of innovative technologies in companies and public units. And Health is no exception.
MediQapp Digitization Brings Professional
to Best Performance in Healthcare Quality
Management and Accreditation

A high standard of professionalism must be constantly monitored in hospitals, for the provision of medical services of the highest quality, but also in safety and security for patients and the medical staff. All this obliges the health professionals to adapt to the new requirements, with care and competence towards the patients, synthesizing with a high degree of professionalism of the training in the Quality Management of the Health Services and Accreditation in Romania.

Creating high-performance
professional identities through
E-Learning and E-Health

Increasing the capacity of health management and human resources in health through distance learning, succeeds in creating high-performing professional identities to improve knowledge, skills and competences on activities in health services management and strengthening the professional capacity of human resources in medical and Quality Management.

Bringing a real contribution to the
professionalization of management

Bringing a real contribution to the professionalization of management is ensured for a large base of highly qualified staff, among those who hold management positions in the organization of hospital units: members of hospital steering committees (manager, medical director, CFO, director), heads of departments, heads of laboratories or other sectors of activity within the health units.

Preparation of ANMCS
accreditation with efficient remote results

The MediQapp Cloud type system manages, through its complex structuring, to operate the performances of all users, based on the capitalization of the practices of Health Services Quality Management and ANMCS Accreditation. Strengthening managerial and technical capacity at all levels of organizational management in health facilities brings an innovative perspective on monitoring the preparation of accreditation and eliminates the risk of failure to assess ANMCS.

Green Hospital in Quality Management
where the software application makes the difference

Digitization transforms the management and control process into an integrated process that can be easily adapted to the functional needs of quality management, which paper-based management systems cannot do. Many of the tasks associated with the use of paper and spreadsheets are also automated, resulting in a significant improvement in the associated tasks.
ANMCS emphasizes to all in the health system the need for a functional quality management system to follow, monitor and review all production and management processes.
The application manages to solve faster than expected the user the new layers of complexity and uncertainty of the quality management process that the classic method assimilates difficult and in a relatively long time.

Updating and storing

The digital QMS system can classify and store all documents, including user-defined needs, audits and procedures for validating integrated processes. If the procedures require review by auditors or regulators, a single file in the digital QMS can quickly provide the necessary information.
MediQApp simplifies the storage and classification of risk management documentation for several departments involved, who simultaneously need the same documents. This greatly accelerates the flow of critical communication. The paper-based quality management system makes accurate and timely updating of documents almost impossible without using already insufficient staffing resources. A digital solution makes it possible to change documents in a fraction of the time required in the case of a regular QMS.

Digital quality management systems
and control of the eco-frendly design process

A digital QMS is configured and implemented to meet the needs of risk assessment, compliance, process analysis, control and documentation.
The paper, although not permanently replaced, proves a solution that was not simply made to cope with the scenarios of upgrades of an increasing and ever-changing quality management.
The digital quality management solution securely keeps all the development documentation, in a safe location, which makes the version control permanently a simplified process.

Digital quality management systems
for risk mitigation

Risk reduction is the heart of any quality management practice. Through the digital solution of the quality management system, the information is easily accessed and can be taken over by the interested departments.
MediQApp, as a digital QMS, allows easy monitoring and implementation of risk management procedures and internal and external audits.
The correct configuration of a digital quality management system puts risk policy, procedure and audit in a unitary structure, which makes risk reduction an intuitive and integrated process.

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